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+250 °C Class II / COG SMPS Assemblies - 25 Vdc to 500 Vdc

250C Multilayer ceramic capacitors assembly - N Lead
250C Multilayer ceramic capacitors assembly - J Lead
250C Multilayer ceramic capacitors assembly - L Lead

Eclipse  NanoMed  manufactures  a  line  of  +250 °C stacked capacitors assemblies,   which   are   intended   for applications   where significant bulk capacitance is required and where there may be concerns over  exposure  to  thermal  and  /  or  mechanical  shock  during  a  typical installation process or operating conditions. 
These  capacitors  incorporate  our  leading  edge  X7R  and  COG  dielectric materials and are manufactured using a proprietary high temperature lead attach.
Utilized  in  distributed  power  systems  intended  for  the  high  temperature environments   like   aerospace   and   automotive   engine   compartments, typical  applications  for  Class  II  capacitors  include  decoupling,  by-pass, filtering,  transient  voltage  suppression,  blocking  and  energy  storage.  COG  /  NPO  capacitor  applications  include  timing  circuits,  RF  oscillatorsand other precision circuitry requiring low loss and stable performance.

250C Multilayer ceramic capacitors assembly - T Lead    250C Multilayer ceramic capacitors assembly - O Lead   

Operating Temperature Range
 -55 to +250

Insulation Resistance
1000 ΩF or 100
GΩ w/e less @ +25°C
100 ΩF or 10 GΩ w/e less @ +125°C
5 ΩF or 500 MΩ w/e less @ +250°C
Dissipation Factor
COG: 0.005% Max @ +25ºC
X7R: 2.5°% Max (< 1.2% Typ) @ +25
1 MHz @ C ≤ 100 pF / 1 KHz @ C > 100 pF
Temperature Coefficient
COG @ 0 ± 30 ppm/ºC Max, -55 to +250°C
ClassII @ +15  /-82% Max, -55 to +250°C
Temperature-Voltage Coefficient
COG: Negligible
ClassII: +15 / -83% Max, -55 to +250 °C & WVDC
Test Parameters
 1.0 ± 0.1 KHz, 1.0 ± 0.2 VRMS @ +25
1.0 ± 0.1 MHz, 1.0 ± 0.2 VRMS @ +25°C
IR test voltage @ WVDC or 500 Vdc w/e less
Dielectric Strength
 2.5 x wvdc @ wvdc 
≤ 200 Vdc
1.5 x wvdc @ 201 Vdc ≤wvdc≤ 500 vdc
1.2 x wvdc @ wvdc > 500 Vdc
Aging Rate
COG: None
ClassII: ≤ 2% per decade hour




            1.    Low profile designs are generally recommended for high vibration applications.
            2.    Other sizes, capacitance values and higher voltage ratings may be available, please contact factory.
            3.     Ceramic capacitors can be exposed to high levels of thermal stress during installation and may
                    experience microfracturing if proper installation techniques are not utilized.  If this is a concern,
                    please contact factory regarding installation recommendations.



Eclipse  NanoMed’s  experienced  staff  is  ready  to  assist  you  with  your  application  specific  requirements. Our product  is processed  in  a  state-of-the-art  facility,  complete  with  a  Class  10,000  clean  room,  a  full  service machine shop and extensive testing options, guaranteed to satisfy the most rigid requirements. Whether your application  requires  Industrial, Military  or  Automotive  grade  capacitors,  or  if  your  product  will  be  exposed  to even higher temperature environments, we can help.
Commercial Military Grade Industrial Medical Automotive +300°C High Temperature    

  Download The PDF version of our catalog:  +250 °C Class II/COG SMPS Assemblies Catalog


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